About Us

When traveling this country we found it to be seething with priceless tradition. What is most remarkable about this tiny European country is the fascinating synergy between its cultural and natural heritage. In almost every city, town, village and community we found this to be the rule rather than the exception.

And just as with any guide-like publication, travelers, who like to plunge elbow-deep, will still receive tips about the country’s don’t-miss festivals, the best food to indulge on, the rowdiest dance- halls, and classic hiking trails – all of which carry readers above the typical tourism panorama.  This first-hand narrative of this multi-cultural society is provided to you with life-tested info from people who are from here.

If you experience even a fraction of the enjoyment exploring the places enclosed here that we experienced visiting each, then our work can be deemed successful. With this magazine, you have  a valuable tool and are now ready to truly discover this soul-searching, head-scratching, and breathtaking European gem. We hope this passion shines through its pages.