The Road to Europe…

Using this magazine, you can discover this breath-taking European gem. It is a locally-driven,
comprehensive and user-friendly resource created to explore Bosnia and Herzegovina.

BH Road Trip

Traveling through all parts of BiH, I am instantly struck by its unique blend of cultural and natural heritage. Every town and community has its own character. And that is why the European Union in BiH is lending its support to the Don’t Miss travel magazine. Travelers will receive tips about the country’s ‘Don’t Miss’ festivals, the best food to indulge in, the most fun dance halls, and inspiring hiking trails – going beyond the typical tourism panorama. A first-hand narrative of BiH’s multi-cultural society is provided to you by people who are from here. The 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage is an opportunity to reinforce Bosnia and Herzegovina’s place in the EU family. Here you’ll find inside stories of what this country is all about – its people, places, culture, natural beauty, and perhaps most importantly, its charm and growing attraction as a tourist destination.

Lars - Gunnar Wigemark, EU Ambassador to BiH

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